About Us

Meet the proprietors!


Boyd and Sharon Bush, Proprietors

“We want to give visitors new ways to satisfy their senses while they’re unwinding in northern New Hampshire!”

Boyd and Sharon Bush are global gourmet connoisseurs who believe that the art of entertaining can be fun and rewarding. After successful corporate careers, they decided to open an epicurean emporium in the heart of the White Mountains. The Abbey Cellars and Abbey Cellars II reflect their passion for artisanal foods, libations, cigars, Sharon’s eye for whimsy, and the couple’s knack for turning travelers into friends.

abbey-cellars-header-image4Meet the MONK!

“He suits our sense of humor.”

A family heirloom that has graced the Bush’s kitchen for many years, this original oil painting was inherited from Boyd’s family. Although its origin is unknown, it was painted in Germany and is more than two centuries old.

The monk’s pleasure at drinking the monastery’s wine while a nun peeks from around the corner inspired Boyd and Sharon to name their retail adventure “Abbey Cellars”. When the time came to expand the Abbey’s offerings to include craft beer and fragrant tobacco leaves, the monk was given a beer stein & cigar!